Forum Russia-Africa

In September 2019, Sochi hosted the first Russia-Africa Summit and Economic Forum. The Osoka Agency developed the design of the key spaces of the event. A fascinating project that we are truly proud of. Thanks to Roscongress for trusting us once again.

In addition to the participants, the brightest event was an installation of cubes with letters.
At one angle read Russia, at another — Africa. This installation was implemented in two places — outside near the entrance to the exhibition center, as well as inside, in the closed area of the Summit.

For the Summit and the Russia-Africa Forum we designed completely different materials


The largest format we made was a banner on the wall of the building measuring 189×16 meters, and the smallest, but very important format was the plenary placards with the names of states measuring 34×10 centimeters.

We need more banners

Drawing of the installation for the delegates’ meeting

Developed — done

Drawing of signs on the table

Developed — done