Penka milk products

This project has become the cutest in the history of our agency. For a new producer of milk and dairy products, we have developed everything: the logo of the manufacturer itself, the logo for the Penka brand, brand characters, the entire concept (design and texts), and the implementation of packaging. The brand line includes cream 38%, cream 20%, butter, sour cream 20%, sour cream 30%.


Such a bright and non-standard line of dairy products we got

For packaging, we have developed two brand characters: Chef and Cat. The thing is that Penka products were positioned primarily as a line for professionals (cooks, confectioners, baristas). Therefore, the Chef brand character personifies this target audience. He fearlessly embarks on culinary adventures in search of the best taste.


And the Cat personifies a simple lover of dairy products, who has learned the Chef’s secret and also enjoys fresh dairy products with pleasure.