reCrea pro

The new brand of dietary supplements reCrea pro is truly our creation. We conducted marketing research, positioning, came up with a name for the brand and for individual drugs, created the design of both the company logo, packaging and even the website.

Above are the pages of the guidebook, which regulates how to work with the logo and corporate identity

An interesting part of the work was the creation of names and packaging design for the drugs themselves. For each jar, we wrote a brief for the name, and there was a separate brief for developing the design of the packaging line. At least 15 options were developed for the names of drugs for each jar, and 3 conceptually different options for packaging design.

As a result, the chosen design concept maximally mimicked serious pharmaceutical producta.
A clean and understandable layout from the packaging also migrated to the site design

Packaging design is one of our favorite tasks because in most cases it is the packaging design that becomes the first stage of the sale. We believe that great packaging can communicate company values, create the right expectations and even become addictive. In this case our packaging had to tell the consumer: «This product is as pure and transparent as possible, very understandable and based solely on scientific research, this is a product created for professionals, but also for ordinary consumers who know a lot about good products».


Each jar is placed in such a neat box along with manuals.