The Year of the Best Gifts

Calendar for «Marvel Distribution» – эit’s not just a calendar, it’s a whole 12 gifts under one cover. We wanted to make a modern technological gift that does not clutter up the space, does not burden the recipient, but is a concentrated benefit, perfectly demonstrates how IT changes the world.


«Marvel Distribution» — a company that brings into the country a variety of computer equipment, IT equipment and communications, i.e. everything from a smartphone to a server. The solution was to create a calendar, the gifts in which should be found by means of a QR-scanner. НOn every page there is an illustration, which hints at the present, on the illustration you can «find» R code, which leads to a special landing page. There a present is waiting for you — a business book, the title and the plot of which is hinted at by the picture. Each page – is one present, a business book, and this present is activated in the concrete month, so it is impossible to get 12 books at once, it is necessary to live this year together with a beautiful calendar «Marvel Distribution».


A total of 12 QR codes, 12 lendings, 12 books, i.e. 12 best gifts. Together with the client we developed the idea, mechanics, design as well as additional materials – trio calendar, design of gift card envelope for 365 e-books for VIP clients, design of packages for calendars.


A QR code is not so easy to find. But the one who finds it is truly rewarded