The company Eurostroy, for which the Osoka team has performed a number of interesting tasks, decided to strengthen its image as a builder who implements its projects with love, and decided to make children’s cubes. We were happy to help with that. We had to remember our high school drafting lessons and turn on our imagination.

We developed a drawing and 3D model for each part to make sure it is realistic to produce and that the parts fit together.

All parts of the construction set are made of wood and painted in pleasant colors. There are a lot of parts, and all together they weigh quite a lot, so we also designed a handy wooden box for the constructor.

The lid of the drawer slides on special troughs, and the handle is securely attached to the drawer for easy carrying

You can assemble a great many combinations from the parts. It is interesting that different architectural elements get along very organically in this constructor. To begin with we assembled variants of the castle in 3D, wrote instructions on how to assemble different variants. And then we just sat down and spent the whole evening assembling real castles out of the ready-made constructor.

Our favorite part is the drawbridge. It is the dream of any child who has ever built a castle

There really are a lot of parts. You can assemble some great castles out of so many of them and have a toy battle between them. We almost made figures of knights, dragons and princesses, but we stopped ourselves in time — even an adult would not lift a box with these characters.


The building material is securely polished and painted with special paints suitable for children’s toys

We love these types of projects — they go beyond the usual branding and allow for a new customer experience.